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About David Shusterman MD

About New York, NY

Dr. David Shusterman is a brilliant and engaging urologist serving Manhattan and Forest Hills. Dr. Shusterman earned his medical degree from Stony Brook University and completed his residency programs in urology and general surgery at the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital (Rutgers). Dr. Shusterman has been practicing for 18 years and is Board certified by the American Board of Urology.

Dr. Shusterman makes every effort to put his patients at ease and provide them with the best comprehensive care. To that end, his consultations are always very precise and thorough.

He aims to have a complete testing and treatment environment in the office. Utilizing the latest ultrasound diagnostic equipment most of the results are given the same day right in the office. No more getting referred to another location and waiting for days before the results are disclosed. He also has a blood draw station in the office so you do not have to travel to a blood lab anymore. Everything is done at the time of the office visit making you experience convenient and time efficient.

If a procedure is needed, it can usually be done right in the office as he has two certified operative rooms and the latest equipment available. For example, he can break up kidney stones in the office with sound wave lithotripsy without the traditional invasive surgery used elsewhere. In addition any painful treatments can be safely done with anesthesia right in the office. This improves patient comfort and is less traumatic than the traditionally painful methods in use elsewhere. If you have been traumatized in the past, you need not fear.